Shirokaratsu Ivory Side Plate 4.7" dia

Shirokaratsu Ivory Side Plate 4.7" dia




白瓷是指将浊白的釉料与灰烬、泥土中的铁和用于加热窑炉的燃料松木的灰烬混合在一起,所有成分都被熔化,在乳白色的表面上铺上蓝色和黑色的斑点的技术。从出现的情况来看,也被称为 "円原唐津"。

- 材质 陶瓷
- 尺寸规格 4.7 "直径 x 0.8 "高(12厘米直径 x 2厘米高)。
- 重量:0.32磅

Aesthetic appeal in traditional Japanese cuisine has always played a vital role, and the choice of tableware is just as important as the choice of ingredients to enhance and complement the presentation of food. This plate is great to be used when sharing appetizers, tapas and desserts.

Shirokaratsu is the technique that with the cloudy white glaze mixed with the ash, the iron in the clay and the ash from pine wood used for a fuel for heating the kiln, all components are melted out, and blue and black spots are spread on the milky white surface. It is also called "Madara Karatsu" from appearing.

• Material: Ceramic
• Dimensions: 4.7" dia x 0.8"h (12cm dia x 2cm ht)
• Weight: 0.32 lb