Gindara Black Cod Mirin Kasuzuke 日本 酒粕漬 银鳕鱼  4.05oz

Gindara Black Cod Mirin Kasuzuke 日本 酒粕漬 银鳕鱼 4.05oz




在日语中,Gindara 的直译是“银鳕鱼”而不是“黑鳕鱼”,当你尝试一下你就会知道为什么。

打開袋子把多餘的漬物抹去(不要用水沖洗) 放進烤箱10-15分鐘後就可以上菜。 

Mirin kasu are sake lees born from the brewing process of mirin (sweet sake).Kasu-zuke, is a Japanese dish made by pickling fish or vegetables in the lees.

Gindara(sable fish), very popular fish to marinate in sake lees. With its delicate and buttery texture, it simply melts in your mouth.

This black cod is fermented in the lees of sake (the residue from sake production).  This so-called ‘kasuzuke’ is a traditional Japanese preparation method for various types of vegetables and fish. The rich and slightly bitter sake taste works its way with the juices of the cod and elevates the taste of the fish to a whole other level. In Japanese, the literal translation of Gindara is ‘silver cod’ instead of ‘black cod’ and when you’ll try it you’ll know why.